The Products We Manufacture & The Equipment We Use

Accrotool produces brackets, bus bars, chassis, enclosures, fixtures, panels, stamping dies, stampings and sub-assemblies for manufacturers who serve the defense, industrial, instrumentation, medical & safety equipment and transportation sectors.

Our manufacturing know-how gives us the ability to provide you with metal products of the highest quality and accelerate delivery time. Those capabilities include:

  1. Punching – CNC presses enable us to work with carbon steel up to ¼" thick. Cost-effective alternative to laser processing in high-volume production runs. Can form and cut complex parts.
  2. Forming – CNC machine allows parts with multiple bends to be run in the same setup.
  3. Thermo Vacuum Forming – Heating plastic sheets and stretching them over molds to form desired parts while using vacuum technology to eliminate air between the sheet and the mold.
  4. Machining – Vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers are ideal for small runs with quick turnaround and also support our production lines.
  5. Laser Processing – Reduces lead times and increases productivity while eliminating the need for hard tooling of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Also produces highly accurate cuts with clean edges that require minimal finishing.
  6. Welding – Our certified welders are specialists in spot, MIG and TIG welding, as well as brazing and soldering, to support ongoing production.
  7. Stamping – With 15 stamping presses ranging from 5 to 125 tons, we can produce runs into the tens of thousands.
  8. Assembly – Using three hydraulic presses enables us to work easily with studs, standoffs and threaded inserts. We also perform gasket and latch insertion in our dedicated assembly area.
  9. Painting & Powder Coating – Our strict process controls allow us to offer metal preparation and finishing, including iron phosphate, powder coating and wet spray painting. The advantages of those processes are:
    1. Iron Phosphate forms a stable, inert coating on the metal surface, which yields excellent paint adhesion properties and inhibits corrosion.
    2. Powder Coating yields a hard, abrasion-resistant surface that can accommodate unlimited colors and finishes.
    3. Wet Spray is ideal for surfaces that are unable to be powder-coated.
  10. Silk Screening – Enhances product appearance while helping to minimize production time and accelerate delivery dates.
  11. Lean Processing
    1. Kanban – Allows for shorter lead times and yields cost efficiencies that enable us to supply our customers with products in ways that fit the inventory strategies we help them design.
    2. Kitting – Parts and tools are placed in kits after production. We meticulously number and track the packaging that holds each kit so inventory may be tracked by package, or by individual component, to support Just-in-Time manufacturing processes.